Our name was inspired by the word, "Panwakema", a Dinka (dialect of South Sudan) word. Broken down, ‘pan’ is a place, and ‘wa’, ‘ke’ and ‘ma’ mean ‘father’, ‘and’, and ‘mother’, respectively. But we interpret it to mean more than that. ‘Panwakema’ describes a feeling; the feeling of coming home to a family.


The name Pan South Sudan was chosen because of a desire to help young children, many of whom do not have parents, by giving them shelter, education, and a loving place that they can consider their home.


Akuc came to South Australia as a refugee from Sudan with her father and their family in 2004. She undertook high school at St Ignatius, and will complete her Bachelor of Arts and Education at UniSA in 2015. Her wish is to give back to the people of her homeland who are in need.


South Sudan became independent in July 2011. Most females in South Sudan have no education, and their only hope of a future is to marry well and improve their prospects. There are thousands of orphans in South Sudan who have little chance of receiving an education. If they were able to receive education, the opportunities for females and orphans should multiply exponentially, that they may also have the chance to contribute to the welfare of others.


Panwakema Inc was founded to help provide those opportunities. The charity was incorporated in Australia in September 2012, and in South Sudan in January 2013. Operating from Adelaide, South Australia, Pan South Sudan is chaired by Mr. Wien Deng Aguek, and his daughter, Ms. Akuc Deng. Presently, there are eight other members of the Board of Directors.


Pan South Sudan’s mission is to build and run a school in Warrap State, South Sudan, where Akuc’s family has land suitable for a school and medical clinic. Our vision is that Akuc Deng will return to South Sudan as a qualified teacher, to run the School for Orphans and Girls.



2014 – 2017


Pan South Sudan commenced fundraising soon after its incorporation in 2012. During 2013, over $15,000 was raised, and the Board hopes to have similar success in 2014. Pan South Sudan runs a number of different fundraising events throughout the year to achieve this end, and very much appreciates the support of the community.


Building program

Pan South Sudan's first step is to build a 1.6km fence along the perimeter of the land in Warrap State. The board is currently collecting quotes, and hopes building of the fence will commence shortly.

The next step will be to build a small building to house a school room, sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and bathrooms. This building will allow Panwakema to start accepting students and begin teaching. Over time, this building will be expanded, to consist of 9-12 classrooms, and more sleeping quarters.

Eventually, Pan South Sudan hopes for the compound to include a medical clinic for the school and surrounding community, and for it to be sustainable with its own crops and livestock to help feed the students.

To achieve these goals, significant funds will be required. Many of the materials may have to be imported, and once the building has begun, funds will also be needed to pay for teaching staff and resources for the school.


Currently, funds are being raised locally through various fundraising events held throughout the year. These funds are being allocated to various legal costs of set up, and the initial stages of fencing the land and building.


Eventually, as building progresses and the site becomes habitable, Pan South Sudan will begin a sponsorship program, allowing people to sponsor students’ education and living, buy supplies for the classroom, or fund items such as playground or sports equipment. A Christmas giving program will also be implemented.

E-mail: pansouthsudan@gmail.com

Website: pansouthsudan.org

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